Inart demonstrates real respect towards the environment, as every sector of the company is involved in the recycling process. The company’s respect towards the environment is also obvious via the donation of two garbage trucks to the municipality of Thessaloniki in 2011. In inart we believe in the value of the human factor as a driving force for the progress of our company. For this reason we provide our employees working conditions that meet the highest health and safety standards, while respecting the rights and personality of each individual. We also provide continuous education and in every possible way promote the welfare of our employees The offer towards society gives us great pleasure and satisfaction, although we consider it as our duty to provide assistance to the community and show our solidarity through acts towards all. Under the same philosophy the company has indicated the potential of this by offering grants to associations and charities.As an example we mention the following:
  • Association of parents, guardians and friends of autistic children
  • Childcare charity foundation
  • Association of children with cancer “Storgi”
  • Charity Association "Asylum of the child"
  • Down Syndrome Association of Greece
  • Greek Society for the Protection & Compensation of Disabled Children (ELEPAP)
  • Make a wish
The promise we make to all of you, our customers, suppliers, employees and the society is that we will continue to work, participate and contribute with the same relentless zeal, keeping alive the values and principles which have been characterizing our company for over 30 years!