Velvet jungle: a roar of style

Oct 25 ,2018 Writen By: inart

Velvet is the ultimate trend of the season. But how do we truly do justice to this luxurious material? It’s simple. We create a décor look that differentiates from the usual. And this means to create a look that dares to use the velvet trend in a bold and stand-out form. This month inart’s designers create for you the “Velvet jungle” look, presenting velvet furniture in bold colours and surrounding them with items featuring exotic designs, making us feel we are exploring the jungle! Discover how to recreate at home, below.

inart-Velvet furniture: bold colours


Velvet furniture: bold colours

Velvet is here to make an impression! And this means using it as the leading protagonist in your room décor, by selecting velvet furniture in strong, eye-catching colours. A majestic armchair in electric blue, a team of luxurious stools in a mix of colours such as gold, blue and brown, and pillows everywhere in matching hues, are the perfect basis for the look we are after.


inart-Supporting furniture: exotic details


Supporting furniture: exotic details

Welcome the wildlife into your home! To support the exotic look we are after select items that love eccentricity. Décor pieces featuring gold leaves and snakes, exotic parrots as candleholders and impressive table-lamps in designs that remind us of palm leaves, are the perfect collection of supporting items that create lively surroundings loving life in the jungle! 


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