An oval dining table you 'll love!

Oct 29 ,2019 - 0 Comment

In this fast-paced ever-changing world we are living in, people are starting to feel nostalgic about the past. The rapid changes that new trends & technology dictates could not leave our lives and eventually our homes unaffected.

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Summer living… outdoors!

Jun 14 ,2019 - 0 Comment

Sunny weather can only mean one thing. Summer is here! Finally, we can spend time outdoors at the balcony or garden. Inart’ s “Summer Vibes” collection will inspire you to create a cozy and warm space that you will enjoy with your friends and family. Take a closer look at our decoration proposal below and find out how to style your outdoor space.


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Give lofty character to your space: Industrial style and urban mood!

May 06 ,2019 - 0 Comment

The industrial or loft style is not only used in professional and business spaces, as it is now easy to adopt it in your personal space. It is the ultimate trend in interior decoration! Lofty style is still ... in style!

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Refresh your space inspired by nature!

Jul 05 ,2019 - 0 Comment

It smells Spring and that makes us want to come even closer to nature! Renew both, your space and your mood, applying some nature-inspired design ideas!

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Bring spring to your home with luxurious touches!

Apr 23 ,2019 - 0 Comment

Basic elements of Spring are the renewal and joyous mood! It creates us a need for more light, liveliness &b colors. So what better to bring all this wonderful feeling to our personal space!


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Romantic country: a lovely look for Spring!

Mar 14 ,2019 - 0 Comment

Romantic country décor is perfect for Spring because it combines light colours and eclectic furniture while reflecting a feeling of coziness. You do not need to invest on expensive pieces of furniture and décor items, you just need to choose wisely concerning the patterns, the colours and the shapes you go for. Read more below.

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Spring-Summer trends 2019: a holiday feeling in every room!

Feb 15 ,2019 - 0 Comment

It is the time of the year that spring and summer trends come to life. And what a season it is going to be! One full of earthly tones, natural materials and an extra cozy attitude! Explore the key facts you need to know to create summer rooms that are trendy, fresh and the ones-to-watch.

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