Romantic country: a lovely look for Spring!

Mar 14 ,2019 - 0 Comment

Romantic country décor is perfect for Spring because it combines light colours and eclectic furniture while reflecting a feeling of coziness. You do not need to invest on expensive pieces of furniture and décor items, you just need to choose wisely concerning the patterns, the colours and the shapes you go for. Read more below.

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Spring-Summer trends 2019: a holiday feeling in every room!

Feb 15 ,2019 - 0 Comment

It is the time of the year that spring and summer trends come to life. And what a season it is going to be! One full of earthly tones, natural materials and an extra cozy attitude! Explore the key facts you need to know to create summer rooms that are trendy, fresh and the ones-to-watch.

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Modern Africa: a source of natural simplicity

Jan 18 ,2019 - 0 Comment

When you think of Africa, vivid images of the wild come to mind: open space, animals running freely, nature reigning endlessly. This rare essence of tranquility, relaxation and freedom inspired inart’s team in order to create a modern living room with an African flair. If you love simplicity, natural materials and furniture in earthly tones, keep on reading to discover how you can recreate the look at home.

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Velvet jungle: a roar of style

Oct 25 ,2018 - 0 Comment

Velvet is the ultimate trend of the season. But how do we truly do justice to this luxurious material? It’s simple. We create a décor look that differentiates from the usual. And this means to create a look that dares to use the velvet trend in a bold and stand-out form. This month inart’s designers create for you the “Velvet jungle” look, presenting velvet furniture in bold colours and surrounding them with items featuring exotic designs, making us feel we are exploring the jungle! Discover how to recreate at home, below.

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Pure pink: autumn’s new trend

Sep 20 ,2018 - 0 Comment

It’s a pure pink come-back! This autumn, pure pink hues embrace our home décor in order to create a chic and modern space that you and your friends will love to live in all year round. Combined with another hot trend -velvet- fluffy fabrics and in a palette of the most modern mix of hues, pure pink will make first impressions… last! Explore the key furniture and deco tips to recreate the look at home, below.

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Bamboo furniture, all year round!

Aug 28 ,2018 - 0 Comment

Bamboo furniture are extremely popular these last few years. Designers from all around the world have paid attention to this budget-friendly material and managedto conceive new ways for bamboo furniture to find a unique place inside our homes. And this means, creating designs and pieces of furniture that we can use in summer but also in autumn and all year round! Explore the two décor suggestions for an “autumn” or “summer” vibe, based on bamboo furniture, below.

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Terracota-love: a room like no other!

Dec 07 ,2018 - 0 Comment

Can you imagine a smart selection of furniture placed in a room with terracotta-coloured walls? Well, inart’s designers have… and the result is more than impressive. It is simply stunning and an extraordinary idea for a summer room! Furthermore, it is a very easy to recreate look, by yourself, at home! Just follow the simple steps below.

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