May the baptism be beautiful!

May 16 ,2019 - 0 Comment

May is a popular month for baptisms, due to the weather turning warmer by the day. This is why our designers and decorators have put together, not one but two décor suggestions, for your boy’s or girl’s baptism-day! Explore the looks created with inart furniture, below.

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Bedroom: Chic as black, glam as gold!

Sep 04 ,2019 - 0 Comment


It’s your personal space, your retreat. You want it stylish and full of positive emotions. Let’s turn your bedroom into the most special place in your home!

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Mexican style: The ultimate design trend!

Mar 27 ,2019 - 0 Comment

Mexico! Our mind goes on (apart from food) special aesthetics, the colorful, joyful and relaxed mood. It is no accident that in 2010 the Mexicans have emerged as the happiest people on the world!

Is it time to give a touch of self-esteem and optimism in your space?

Viva México with vivid, intense colors, ethnic motifs, andbold decorative touches!

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A unique armchair with personality

Dec 31 ,2018 - 0 Comment

A piece of furniture can have a special uniqueness, an ability to draw all eyes on it and become your room’s main attraction. When it’s available in many colors, great quality and value for money pricing, its purchase is a one way street.

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Christmas magic! Can you feel it?

Dec 24 ,2018 - 0 Comment

When everything shines bright and every heart gets warm, that's the spirit of Christmas!

Share the magic of inart!

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Frozen XMAS: Décor in white & gold!

Dec 20 ,2018 - 0 Comment

Ready to create an extra special Christmas décor for your loved ones? How about creating a “frozen” look?  And by frozen we mean to invest in an icy palette: white and gold. Trust us the result will be impressive, super glamorous and totally unique. Explore the key furniture and items you need to own in order to decorate your Christmas table and surrounding space in the most spectacular way!

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Christmas dinner is the highlight of Christmas

Dec 19 ,2018 - 0 Comment

Christmas dinner is the highlight of Christmas.

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