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April at last. The days become bigger, the light lasts longer, and the flowers are blooming. It is the perfect month to redecorate your home with a romantic touch. The second month of Spring continues to boost our positivity levels with its colorful nature. Its basic element is the renewal and joyous mood! It creates us a need for more light and liveliness. So what better to bring all this wonderful feeling to our personal space!

Romantic décor is perfect for Spring because it combines light colors and eclectic furniture while reflecting a feeling of coziness.
We guarantee you – you will love the result!

The Colors

This Spring, one of the dominant trends in interior decoration is the use of pink and white colors. With their romantic gentle and nostalgic texture they give another dimension in decoration. Light pink is a really high-trend hue.

The furniture

The key items in furniture that welcome Spring in your home are the ones that combine a romantic feel with a strong dose of elegance.
One word can help you select the key furniture that will create the romantic look: eclectic. And this means a mix of fine materials and carefully designed items.

To create a complete romantic look for your home, you need a piece of furniture that will act as the center of your “romantic” corner. Give character to your place with a light pink, velvet chaise lounge. Being the real meaning of “chic”, brings luxury to your space, while a small coffee table, mixing white with the color of wood, brings the necessary warmth to your living room.

Select the rest of the furniture in bright white: such as the high quality showcase, the commanding buffet and the antique mirror, which give a vintage touch in your space. 

The decorative items

The decorative pieces are a necessary addition in order to really feel the embrace of spring inside your home. The bird cage candle holders and small ballet dancer sculptures, are smart choices that complete the look perfectly. 

Place the mirror above the buffet, near a window so that it further radiates natural light to the rest of the room. Don’t forget that a mirror make your living room look bigger! 

Last but not least. Spring means flowers. Although the various prints and patterns have their honor all year round, every Spring we have Floral attack! For this reason, add colourful flowers into vases all around your home. They will give extra freshness to your space.

Your personal touches are the most important! Follow our tips and create a space that will totally revive you! An elegant feeling and a cozy mood that make it a place to enjoy every moment of the day.

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