September's inspiration: Industrial Vibes

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If New York’s industrial style lofts inspire you and you want to refresh your home decoration following one of the most trending deco styles, this article is made for you.

Industrial is now a prominent style among interior designs and one of this season’s Fall trends.

Year after year it has being gaining a lot of fans and there is a reason for that. It’s unique, modern and elegant. This decoration style is ideal for your home office as well for your living room. It’s not a coincidence that we come across cafeterias and restaurant that have adopted the industrial style, since it creates an everlasting cozy atmosphere where people enjoy spending time with their friends. Nevertheless, you don’t have to visit a restaurant to experience it.

What do you have to do adopt the industrial style into your house you ask? Just listen to the proposals of our decoration team that will give you refreshing ideas on transforming your place.

Industrial style resembles a factory or a warehouse scenery combined with minimal details. The materials usually used is wood, metal and bricks. One important part in creating an industrial space is the earthy colors. Brown and beige are the most popular options. Blending metal details with wooden surfaces will give you an astonishing result!

Metal objects are the epicenter of industrial decoration and they bring out elegance. Embrace them! You can choose different textures, from wrought iron and copper to nickel, the result will definitely reward you.

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Keep in mind that simplicity is the key in order to balance out your room decoration without overdoing it. We suggest placing comfy furniture with simple lines to make a statement and showcase its functionality.

Furniture made from untreated wood or leather with metal details give a worn-out effect and are a must for our industrial decoration.

A leather armchair following the industrial color pallet when combined with a wooden coffee table is all you need to have an outstanding outcome.

Place a metallic showcase with cabinets and shelfs that not only will it be a great storage option but also a key piece of your decoration. Fill in your décor with a similar style dresser and to complete your furniture setting. 

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Perfection is in the details, so focus on decoration items that enrich the lofty look. Choose industrial-made materials like metal, glass and cement. Untreated wood can also be a choice that will give a worn-out look perfectly matching this style. Choose wisely your decorations since they can uplift the whole aesthetic outcome.

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Proper lighting can showcase any space, but in this situation, they play a more important role since they are a main part of this specific style. Ceiling, table or floor lightings have one thing in common:  They are made from metal. They combine circles with linear lines and with their abstract design they come to complete the setting. To give an even more astonishing look use Edison type light bulbs.

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Carpets & Rugs

Finally, washed-out carpets and rugs with geometric patterns warm ideally the space and form the room’s character.

Keep in mind that pieces that are set in industrial style spaces are often one of a kind. Meaning that they might not always match together but each one of them plays a specific role!

Get inspired from our loft collection.

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