Romantic country: a lovely look for Spring!

Mar 14 ,2019 Writen By: inart

Romantic country décor is perfect for Spring because it combines light colours and eclectic furniture while reflecting a feeling of coziness. You do not need to invest on expensive pieces of furniture and décor items, you just need to choose wisely concerning the patterns, the colours and the shapes you go for. Read more below.


Colours and patterns

It is easy to overdo it when going for that romantic – Spring décor look. We suggest you select two or three surfaces that will feature items with patterns of blooming flowers, and in light colours such as white and a soft palette of pink hues. Create the perfect Spring background with a wallpaper featuring blooming flowers in the hues mentioned above. Support the look with beautiful porcelain vases in matching patterns, placed smartly on the main table.



The furniture

One word can help you select the key furniture that will create the romantic country look: eclectic. And this means a mix of fine materials and carefully designed items. To achieve coziness we select a round wooden table that brings the family and friends together and we pair it with a few elegant wooden/velvet chairs in grey and pink colours to match the wallpaper. To not overdo the “country” essence that the wood adds to the room, select the rest of the furniture in bright white: such as the high quality showcase, the cabinet and the stunning, antique mirror, which give a vintage touch in your space.


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