Refresh your space inspired by nature!

Jul 05 ,2019 Writen By: inart

It smells Spring and that makes us want to come even closer to nature! Renew both, your space and your mood, applying some nature-inspired design ideas!

Use earth tones to give vividness to your home decoration! Besides, when nature is involved in decoration, the result can only be magical! The combination of earthy and warm colors gives our room a sense of warmth. They have the advantage to be easily combined with many other colors, enabling us to achieve beautiful decorative tricks.

For the chair or armchair use a "landmark" color, such as terracotta to attract all the eyes. It is such a warm earthy hue and is also a trend in interior decoration. The combination of coffee and orange balance in space, creating a warm and intimate feeling.

A set of zigon table with wooden surface and metal feet will give extra style to your place.
The metallic showcase will add a so modern character. Caution! Don’t load it. Two or three decorations or pots are enough to show off in the best way!
To achieve a dynamic result, a more daring but sure choice is the yellow color on the wall.

Don’t forget that a home decorated with earthy tones looks brighter in the summer and warmer in winter. A place like this will never show boring.

Get an extra tip: For more vividness into your space, add ceramic pots with beautiful indoor plants.
We hope to give you inspiration on how to bring nature to your space with the most modern way! The natural touch you will give will make it look much more intimate and beautiful.

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