November’s inspiration: Classic chic dining room

Oct 30 ,2018 Writen By: inart

For the last month of fall, inart’s decorators have created a truly timeless décor suggestion for your home: Classic chic. Yet, how do we define pieces of furniture as “classic” and “chic” without creating a result that seems dated? We combine harmonically materials, design styles and colours that magically form your dining room into the most popular spot in your home, for years to come. Discover how to recreate the “Classic chic” dining room, below.

The materials

The materials

When we want to create a dining room that loves the “classic” style, then we have got to select pieces of furniture made of the best materials out there, such as: massif wood.  A library that stands tall on the corner, the pretty commode on the other side of the room, a wall masterpiece above and in the center a majestic table with its matching chairs, all made of massif wood, add that invaluable to the dining room.

 The design

The design

Classic and chic forms everywhere. Nothing extravagant is ever chic or classic. Instead go for simple lines, designs that have been loved in past years –such as the round chairs and the romantic table. The same goes for the gorgeous chandelier and the wall art piece on the right.  Last but not least, carpet keeps thing up to date with a design that mixes harmonically the past with a modern touch.


The colours

Hello earthly tones! White, grey and soft brown form the timeless palette that brings together the “classic chic” dining room we are after this month. It is a selection of hues that allows the light to shower the room while creating a feeling of coziness, perfect for the end of fall and the beginning of winter.


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