Month’s inspiration: March into spring style!

Feb 27 ,2018 Writen By: inart

March’s beautiful gift to our home is a sweet and charming décor. Embrace the arrival of spring by selecting elegant pieces of furniture and mixing them together in order to form a fresh, joyful and chic result. View inart’s March proposal below.

March into spring style-01

Furniture style

The key items in furniture that welcome spring in our home are the ones that combine a romantic feel with a strong dose of elegance. An impressive chair honouring the real meaning of “chic”, brings luxury to your space, while a classic commode, mixing white with the colour of wood, brings the necessary warmth to your living room. The look becomes up-to-date with a coffee table in minimal and modern design, in the same white and wood colour palette as the rest key furniture pieces.

Décor items

The little bits and pieces decorating your living room, are a necessary addition in order to really feel the embrace of spring inside your home. Cutlery sets, mini vases and candle holders, all featuring blossoming flowers in fine designs, are smart choices that complete the look perfectly.

March into spring style-02

Spring colours

Say goodbye to winter’s colour palette and welcome the bright white of spring! Additional colours should be selected from a soft palette of hues and never vibrant ones. If you love vibrant colours too much though and you need them visible via your surroundings, you can “add” them to your living room by placing fresh, colourful flowers into vases all around your home.

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