March’s inspiration: Spring reflections

Jan 03 ,2019 - 0 Comment

The first month of Spring always carries a positive mindset. The sun makes its appearance more often, the light is brighter and the sky… more blue! It is the perfect chance to change our home décor, with lighter colours and adopt the essence we have been loving all season: glam velvet.

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February’s inspiration: a powerful mix

Jan 02 ,2019 - 0 Comment

The last month of winter is a dynamic source of inspiration for inart’s designers, urging them to create a unique look that will make your living room stand out: a powerful mix of colours –black, white and gold- blends perfectly with strong geometric patterns, while a touch of red in key items –as a wall art or on pillows- adds vitality to the room, preparing us for the “kissy” mood of Valentine’s day! Discover the key furniture you need to recreate the look at home, below.

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January’s inspiration: glam floral!

Feb 01 ,2019 - 0 Comment

The New Year is here. What better way to welcome the new days to come with a refreshing fresh look for your living room? This month, inart’s team loves mustard-blue and dares to mix them with the season’s hottest trends: velvet and mirrors. The result is simply… extraordinary beautiful, and one you will want to adopt instantly! Discover the key furniture to recreate the look at home, below.

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November’s inspiration: Classic chic dining room

Oct 30 ,2018 - 0 Comment

For the last month of fall, inart’s decorators have created a truly timeless décor suggestion for your home: Classic chic. Yet, how do we define pieces of furniture as “classic” and “chic” without creating a result that seems dated? We combine harmonically materials, design styles and colours that magically form your dining room into the most popular spot in your home, for years to come. Discover how to recreate the “Classic chic” dining room, below.

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October’s inspiration: Scandi!

Sep 28 ,2018 - 0 Comment

The second month of autumn has some exciting deco news, brought to you by inart’s designers and decorators! It is the mix of two colours contrasting trends: Green and Pink! Decorating our homes with furniture loving the simplicity of Scandinavian essence is a popular trend for some years now. The addition of pink furniture to the “scene” prepares us for a totally refreshing décor suggestion that is both easy to create and maintain for the years to come. Explore the look created with inart’s furniture, below.

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September’s inspiration: the glory of industrial design

Aug 30 ,2018 - 0 Comment

It is true. The beginning of autumn is upon us. And what better way to start the new season than by redecorating our home to the rules of the most popular modern design trend: the industrial design. And this means colours in earthly tones –mostly grey and brown- furniture made of metal and wood, and simple design lines with a touch of “geometrical”. Discover our selection of key pieces of furniture you will need in order to recreate the “industrial décor” at home.

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August’s inspiration is: the Greek summer!

Jul 26 ,2018 - 0 Comment

Vacationing in the Aegean islands? Lucky you! The bright sun, the clear sky, the golden sand and the emerald sea create a totally relaxing mood we love to enjoy all year round. Keep in touch with the summery vibe of the Greek islands by transforming your home décor or your hotel with inart’s new collection of bamboo furniture and décor items. Take a glimpse below.

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