Country Style… better in blue!

Jan 30 ,2020 - 0 Comment

Country style: natural, warm, ideal for those who love the colors and materials of nature. It’s one of the most dynamic trends in interior design, because it combines many looks in one: it feels cozy, and simultaneously creates a sweet nostalgia from the past.

For February, inart’s designers have created a truly timeless and favorite décor proposal.

The country mood turns its back on exaggerations and seeks for simplicity and a relaxed mood. Discover it below:

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Industrial Loft: Sophisticated design in a relaxing atmosphere!

Dec 30 ,2019 - 0 Comment

If New York’s industrial-style lofts have stolen your heart, this article is written for you.
Do you want to refresh your home decoration? It’s one of the most trending deco styles.
Year after year it has been gaining a lot of fans and there is a reason for that. It’s unique, modern and elegant. It’s a markedly eclectic style where different tendencies mix together in a coherent and harmonious way, resulting in a space full of personality and character.

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Month’s inspiration: Velvet & Sparkly Christmas

Jan 12 ,2019 - 0 Comment

The countdown for the most beautiful time of the year has begun! Christmas is for all of us a really special period! It’s magic because both our mood and home change! Everything is more sparkling, decorated and festive.
It’s time to prepare our home with festive decorations in order to truly get into the Christmas spirit with our family and friends.

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Country Chic: Countryside style… with elegant touches

Oct 31 ,2019 - 0 Comment

Country chic style is always inart’s favorite décor choice no matter the season. This happens because it combines many looks in one: it seems minimal, it feels cozy, it aspires a sweet nostalgia from the past, it is kind of romantic and very easy to recreate! For the last month of fall, inart’s designers have created a truly timeless décor suggestion for your home.

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Month’s inspiration: Αfrican Style

Sep 27 ,2019 - 0 Comment

Africa represents one of the most beautiful ethnic styles. The imaginative artifacts of the African tribes, combined with the European finesse, create an unrivaled decoration style that has influenced many of the modern decoration styles


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September's inspiration: Industrial Vibes

Aug 30 ,2019 - 0 Comment

If New York’s industrial style lofts inspire you and you want to refresh your home decoration following one of the most trending deco styles, this article is made for you.

Industrial is now a prominent style among interior designs and one of this season’s Fall trends.

Year after year it has being gaining a lot of fans and there is a reason for that. It’s unique, modern and elegant. This decoration style is ideal for your home office as well for your living room. It’s not a coincidence that we come across cafeterias and restaurant that have adopted the industrial style, since it creates an everlasting cozy atmosphere where people enjoy spending time with their friends. Nevertheless, you don’t have to visit a restaurant to experience it.

What do you have to do adopt the industrial style into your house you ask? Just listen to the proposals of our decoration team that will give you refreshing ideas on transforming your place.

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August's Inspiration: Bamboo is a state of mind!

Jul 30 ,2019 - 0 Comment

August is the heart of summer! The decoration of your garden, balcony or terrace, needs to be characterized by a sense of relaxation and carefree feeling. If you haven't created the perfect place to spend your August days and nights yet, we have a suggestion about decoration that will surely excite you!

Bamboo has become a dominant element of modern interior and exterior design. In decoration, nothing screams louder “summer” than bamboo furniture. It gives a bright and elegant look, from classic to modern style, due to its material's neutrality.

Inart’s designers have created a décor composition inspired by the vivid summer mood and based on bamboo furniture. Bring the beach to your place by adopting the ultimate summer trend, which perfectly combines retro and contemporary style.

Let's see how we can succeed it:

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