Month’s inspiration: The world at your home!

Jan 02 ,2018 Writen By: inart

Travelling to faraway lands and countries is a huge inspiration for inart’s designers. Different cultures, habits and traditions become the ultimate source of inspiration for unique pieces of art and furniture. Décor-wise the key is to piece together items inspired by different cultures around the world, thus bringing together a mix of styles and essences to your home. This way your space becomes truly unique and an inspiration to others.

The Materials


Furniture and décor items inspired by travels to lands that still feature the remains of ancient civilizations are key to a unique décor. The memories of the proud cultures of the past reflect through carefully selected pieces inside your home. It is preferable to select just one or two to not overdo their effect. The beautiful inart candle holders featured here are a perfect choice, one that reminds us of the classic designs of ancient Greece.



A unique home that oozes warmth is also created by furniture adorning the country/vintage styles. Traditional pieces that demonstrate a proud past of a more simple life, add an extra dose of coziness to the space around you. A round table, a commode and a wall cupboard, all made of wood, shape a room that will make your visitors feel at home.

The Design

Modern minimal

Placing together furniture of a classic and country style as featured above, can lead to an impressive décor. Inart’s designers though are taking the look to the next step by bringing one more style to the combination: modern minimal.  After all we live in contemporary times. A touch of modern, simple and practical design is needed to create a totally unique room that does not look dated. The chair (of minimal design) and the supporting stools add that necessary dose of modernity, completing a home that has it all: it is beautiful, brings together inspiration by lots of different travels and most of all you will love living in it. Your home is truly unique. Enjoy!

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