Month’s inspiration: Ocean’s treasures!

Jun 28 ,2018 Writen By: inart

For July, inart’s team has prepared a truly stunning home look, inspired by the sea-life treasures found in the ocean. It is a summer shabby chic proposal that creates a relaxed, chilled out yet truly chic surroundings, you will love to spend your summer days in, with family and friends. Explore the key-pieces to recreate it at home, below.

Furniture: the colours

The soft palette of the sand is the one to go for in order to achieve this look. On the sofas, the armchair’s details, on the coffee table and all the little bits and pieces used as decorations, the sandy palette demonstrates the warm yet carefree spirit of summer. Mix the sandy colours to bright white details, to accentuate the light of the summer sun.


June-2018-Furniture: the materials


Furniture: the materials

Natural materials are key in order to recreate the specific look. Real wood, real rope and truly soft fabrics, bring the essence of the underwater nature… inside your room. Dive in!



inart-June-2018Furniture: the design

Furniture: the design

Supporting furniture can make all the difference! Wall pieces in patterns that remind us of the sea-weed found in the deep ocean as well as stunning, wooden, decorative pieces in designs inspired by the sea-life such as corals, create a summery mood… worth exploring every day.


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