Month’s inspiration: May’s modern ethnic style

Apr 27 ,2018 Writen By: inart

May, as the last month of spring, is dedicated in making us feel cozy and relaxed. Inart’s designers and decorators, have created the perfect look for your home with a unique “modern ethnic” feel that mixes harmonically boho and industrial styles. Read below to recreate it at your space.


The sofa

A unique combination of boho style and ultimate comfort! The inart sofa embraces a cozy attitude with a colourful and fun pattern in a gorgeous palette of colours, creating a modern view of the ethnic décor style. The sofa’s contemporary design, loose edges and clear lines, add up to the cozy feeling we are after.



The tables

The modern ethnic look is a result of combining more than one décor styles. In this case we have selected a few pieces adoring the industrial look, keeping the result fresh and modern. The latest trends demand, not one, but two small tables in front of the sofa. Go for ones made of wood to maximize the “cozy” effect, with an industrial flair –meaning straight lines and simple design.


Nature’s masterpieces

Nature is May’s gift to us all, so it should not be missing from our space. Select small or larger plants –depending on your space’s dimensions- to bring “life” to your room and make the result look more energetic instantly.


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