Month’s inspiration: Gold 70s

Oct 31 ,2017 Writen By: inart

The golden era of the 70s is our inspiration for the month of November. But how can we create a home décor inspired by this glorious time of the past that does not look dated, yet becomes timeless instead? Inart’s designers present a totally refreshing décor proposal that will transform your space instantly. Read below to explore the key pieces you need to own in order to recreate the look at home.

the designGeometric shapes

70s were all about triangles, hexagons and all kinds of shapes as pattern of fabric and shapes of whole furniture. So, select one or even two furniture bringing forward geometric shapes and try for those shapes to be different with each other. For example: an armchair with triangles on its pattern, or a carpet with hexagons, or round coffee tables.


Mix of materials

70s were all about mix and match, especially concerning materials and fabrics. Wood, steel, shiny details, glass or mirrors, are all coming together to create a décor that is earthly, cozy yet does not miss out on luxury!


You can recreate the look of gold 70s by selecting just one piece of furniture, if the specific item is possible to reflect the essence of the past by itself: such as the beautiful commode with inart’s signature. A large wooden surface adoring geometrical shapes is unique enough and majestic enough to unleash a dose of the past to your living room. Even more so if the design, as the one created by inart, has all the elements of transforming into a timeless piece inside your home.

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