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Africa represents one of the most beautiful ethnic styles. The imaginative artifacts of the African tribes, combined with the European finesse, create an unrivaled decoration style that has influenced many of the modern decoration styles


When we think of Africa, vivid images of the wild come to mind: vast expanses, animals running freely, nature reigning endlessly. This rare essence of tranquillity, relaxation and freedom inspired our team to create a corner with an African flair. If you love simplicity, natural materials and furniture in earthly tones, African style is ideal for your home. 

Human figures, natural textures, animal prints, leather or rattan elements, and ornate carvings are some of the element you can use to give your room an outstanding style. A style that will make your mind fly away to Africa every time you relax in your living room.


Your favourite African corner

The combination of different materials is the key idea for a decoration style inspired by Africa. Fur combined with rattan gives warmth, elegance and simplicity at the same time.

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The furniture

When we think of African style, images of nature begin to unfold in our minds, meaning that natural-made and natural-looking furniture are a necessity to accomplish this look. A key feature of the African style is the impressive furniture that stands out in the space.

Choose a black peacock armchair, that will capture the attention. Add the African element using a fur throw with leopard prints. This stylish & impressive armchair, which offers maximum comfort to anyone who relaxes on it. A beautiful buffet-console made of wood and metal, with ornate carvings in the cupboards, combined with an auxiliary table, will give a discreet luxury to space.


inart protasi-tou-mhna-me-empneusi-apo-afriki -02

Décor items

African inspired décor items are a must in order to create a look that truly reminds us of this beautiful land.

The small statues & tribal figures are an integral part of the African tradition and could not be missed. Impressive busts in white or black featuring silhouettes of African people are the unique picks that make the whole look work.

On the console or coffee table, you can place ceramic jars with animal print patterns.


inart -protasi-tou-mhna-me-empneusi-apo-afriki -03

Wall & Floor

To successfully complete the look, you must not forget to take care of the wall décor as well as the floor area. Create an ethnic touch by putting up an animal-printed wallpaper behind the buffet-console.


The successful mix of materials continues.

An impressive mirror on the wall, with beautiful design and awesome combination of earth colors, embraces harmoniously the space.
Many artists around the world get inspiration from the unique tradition of African tribes and wildlife, creating impressive paintings with images from this unique continent, which can really highlight your wall.

Last, but not least. Animal prints are our No1 choice for this decoration style. That's why we suggest a fur rug with animal print pattern. Next to it, add warm cushions of the same colour palette. This way, you accentuate the sense of relaxation and freedom you enjoy during autumn-winter season. They will give comfort and a cosy feel to your space. We are ready! Enjoy your corner breathing air that will take you away through the savannahs and deserts of Africa.


inart -protasi-tou-mhna-me-empneusi-apo-afriki -04


The African-inspired style has a feature that makes it unique: combines many different elements. That's why we love it. Whether you prefer, the minimal, the extravagant style, the modern or classic style, there is always a way to incorporate African style into your space with little changes or additions. The elements inspired by Africa's nature and culture can aesthetically lift up your home decoration.

Get inspired by inart furniture and décor items here and transform your home into an exotic African paradise.


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