Mexican style: The ultimate design trend!

Mar 27 ,2019 Writen By: inart

Mexico! Our mind goes on (apart from food) special aesthetics, the colorful, joyful and relaxed mood. It is no accident that in 2010 the Mexicans have emerged as the happiest people on the world!

Is it time to give a touch of self-esteem and optimism in your space?

Viva México with vivid, intense colors, ethnic motifs, andbold decorative touches!

Inart designers inspired by the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, known for her incompatible artwork, created for you a series that will stand out Spring-Summer 2019.

Get super ideas to create a “Frida Kahlo” atmosphere!

The color palette contains intense shades of orange, yellow, green and blue. A basic element of Mexican decoration is the cactus! Give rustic style and hacienda look with decorative cacti.

Do not forget that textures and materials close to nature such as wood, straw, andbamboo play a leading role. Place the cacti on macrame stools! Add charm to the space with special decorative objects in bright colors.

Bring “Mexico” to your home by choosing an armchair with tropical prints and bold geometric patterns. A two-sided screen with rich foliage print will give its own stigma!

Create a place in your home as you are at Frida Kahlo's atelier! The colorful pillows will complete the style, giving warmth and relaxed style.

The style of decoration with influences from distant Mexico is harmonious, despite the visual information and has selected shades of colors that are close to each other. As if you are in Mexico, are you ready for siesta and paella in your refreshed space?

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