March’s inspiration: Spring reflections

Jan 03 ,2019 Writen By: inart

The first month of Spring always carries a positive mindset. The sun makes its appearance more often, the light is brighter and the sky… more blue! It is the perfect chance to change our home décor, with lighter colours and adopt the essence we have been loving all season: glam velvet.


The sofa

The living-room protagonist –your sofa, has to make it all work: needs to reflect luxury, elegance and a lively mood. Inart’s sofa and armchair set, showcase the glam velvet essence we are after via the velvet fabric and stylish -standout- design. Go for velvet a sofa and armchair in gold-yellow hues, to achieve a vibrant result, ideal for Spring.



Mirror furniture

Yellow-gold is a beautiful colour, yet to not make it appear too strong, we should be careful what we pair it with. For a truly stylish room we opt for white furniture with elegant gold details. To boost the “glam” effect, we select mirror-furniture: the reflections they create make the light inside the room shine brighter which makes everything appear…  truly majestic!



Décor items

So we have got the main item –the sofa, and the second in command –the mirror furniture, so what’s next? For a perfect result, the supporting décor items found on tables, on the floor or hanging on the wall, should embrace the colour palette and the mood of room. This means candleholders with gold details and vases made of luxurious materials in bright white.

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