Industrial Loft: Sophisticated design in a relaxing atmosphere!

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If New York’s industrial-style lofts have stolen your heart, this article is written for you.
Do you want to refresh your home decoration? It’s one of the most trending deco styles.
Year after year it has been gaining a lot of fans and there is a reason for that. It’s unique, modern and elegant. It’s a markedly eclectic style where different tendencies mix together in a coherent and harmonious way, resulting in a space full of personality and character.

Materials & Colors

Textures and materials have come together creating an ensemble that is completely unique.
Industrial style resembles a factory or warehouse scenery combined with minimal details. The materials usually used are wood, metal and bricks. One important part in creating an industrial space is the earthy colors. Brown and beige are the most popular options. Blending metal details with wooden surfaces will give you an astonishing result! Metal objects are also the epicenter of industrial decoration and they bring out elegance. Embrace them!

Go for furniture in earthly tones. Brown, cream, the color of wood, even soft gray, when mixed together create a palette that maximizes the feeling of free space and casualness we want to achieve.
The furniture has to blend harmoniously with each other in both colors and style.
Add color only via the details such as light tones of green on the wall, or even stronger hues on the decorative items.

The inspiration of the first month of 2020 is dedicated to you.
We create this unique decoration proposal having in mind the unique people that will select it: you! Read below how to achieve the ultimate industrial decoration to your space.




Industrial aesthetics requires the rendering of a cozy dimension in space! Keep in mind that simplicity is the key in order to balance out your room decoration without overdoing it. We suggest placing comfy furniture with simple lines to make a statement and showcase its functionality.
Furniture pieces made from untreated wood or leather with metal details give a worn-out effect and are a must for our industrial decoration.

With a beautiful leather sofa applied, comfortable and chic, in a delicate brown color, this is more than a sofa –it is a conversation-starter and a piece of furniture that your every guest will notice and remember forever. To achieve an even more fresh and unique look, add a wooden coffee table with metallic details.

You can place a metallic/wooden showcase with cabinets and shelves that it not only will be a great storage option but also a key piece of your decoration. Complete your décor with a similar style buffet and to complete your furniture setting. They match perfectly with the industrial style we want to achieve and make your space differ!

To support your unique furniture selection (the leather sofa), select small furniture made of leather such as a practical stool – in brown color to match the sofa.


industrial-loft-sophisticated-design-in-a-relaxing-atmosphere - 02


Decorations items

It’s all in the details, so focus on decoration items that enrich the lofty look. Choose industrial-made materials like metal, glass, leather and cement. Untreated wood can also be a choice that will give a worn-out look perfectly matching this style.
Vintage & retro design metal figures can decorate the showcase and give a unique style to the space decoration. In addition, decorative "globes" in black-gold colors on the console will be a really eye-catching addition.
Choose wisely your decorations since they can uplift the whole aesthetic outcome.


industrial-loft-sophisticated-design-in-a-relaxing-atmosphere - 03 



The proper lighting can showcase any space, but in this decoration style, they play a more important role since they are main part of it. They will directly give the lofty character you want.
Ceiling, table or floor lightings have one thing in common: They are made from metal and impress with their abstract design. To give an even more astonishing look use Edison type light bulbs.


industrial-loft-sophisticated-design-in-a-relaxing-atmosphere - 04



A classic design carpet warms ideally the space and forms the room’s chic character.

Keep in mind that pieces that are set in an industrial-style space are often one-of-a-kind. Meaning that they might not always match together but each one of them plays its own specific role.

We hope that we gave you ideas to transform your space with elements of impressive industrial aesthetics.
Get inspired by our loft collection and create a relaxing atmosphere with a sophisticated design that you’ll love!

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