Give lofty character to your space: Industrial style and urban mood!

May 06 ,2019 Writen By: inart

The industrial or loft style is not only used in professional and business spaces, as it is now easy to adopt it in your personal space. It is the ultimate trend in interior decoration! Lofty style is still ... in style!

The room decoration combines elements with minimal lines and resembles a factory or warehouse. The materials used are usually steel, wood, bricks, thus combining the industrial style with an urban mood that we love.

About the color palette, choose from two to three basic colors, of which at least one must belong to the category of neutral colors (white, black, grey, beige, etc.). Dark shades and natural colors for an area with strong industrial features. The furniture has to blend harmoniously with each other in both colors and style.

Industrial aesthetics requires the rendering of a cozy dimension in space! Inart suggests using furniture with clean and geometric design to make each one a benchmark and showcase its functionality. Use a metallic buffet that combines cupboards and shelves for extra storage, as a key to your decoration. Combine it with a dark hue, eccentric design and a metal chair of the same style.

Because the detail makes the difference, focus on decorative items. An impressive "globe" wall clock is an ideal choice. Objects that will give such a lofty character are also metallic lighting in dark shades. To put even more emphasis on them you can use EDISON type lamps.

We hope to give you the inspiration to refresh your space, giving it comfort, using simple lines and creating an atmosphere of relaxation and sophisticated design.

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