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Jan 30 ,2020 Writen By: inart

Country style: natural, warm, ideal for those who love the colors and materials of nature. It’s one of the most dynamic trends in interior design, because it combines many looks in one: it feels cozy, and simultaneously creates a sweet nostalgia from the past.

For February, inart’s designers have created a truly timeless and favorite décor proposal.

The country mood turns its back on exaggerations and seeks for simplicity and a relaxed mood. Discover it below:

The colors

The country chic palette blends grey and beige hues, which co-exist and match harmoniously with blue hues. The color of light blue on the wall mixes with different shades of warm greys, to create a beautiful and relaxed atmosphere.




The Furniture

One word can help you select the key furniture that will create the country look: eclectic. And this means a mix of fine materials and carefully designed items. 

When a room decoration is inspired by nature, wood always makes its appearance. Furniture of country style is made of high-quality wood, the most traditional, nature-loving material of all. 

To create the ultimate country décor, the protagonist of the composition is a wooden dining table, with carved details on legs. Together with matching chairs in grey color, they will be the center of attention in a room.

Supportive furniture should also have a classic look, inspired by the past. The perfect addition is a buffet with a classic design. A console and a showcase will give also a vintage touch to the space. Metallic details combined with wood in order to create a romantic result, which easily matches with other pieces of furniture.




Another piece of furniture you must invest in is a beautiful armchair that looks and feels comfortable yet gives an essence of vintage elegance. Select one in grey and blue hues and complete the look with a stool in the same tones.




The Decorative Items

Decorative items are also key elements when trying to create the country décor. 

Choose decorative items by glass and metal. The mix & match of these materials gives to the decoration a unique character.

Support the look with beautiful vases or metallic table deco, in matching patterns, placed smartly on the table or buffet.


The Wall Decoration

Without the bold elements that can affect the country mood we want to achieve, try to highlight the space by decorating the walls. A canvas painting is an element that will play an important role in the decoration of the dining room. Choose one with floral illustration! With this way, the space looks brighter, by adding vibrancy.

Country chic is a decoration style that we really love. It offers harmony, warmth and is ideal all year round. At the same time, it gives elegance, comfort and classic character to your space!


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