Bring spring to your home with luxurious touches!

Apr 23 ,2019 Writen By: inart

Basic elements of Spring are the renewal and joyous mood! It creates us a need for more light, liveliness &b colors. So what better to bring all this wonderful feeling to our personal space!


Do you want to feel the spring breeze transforming your space and giving it a distinct character? Follow the tips which suggested by inart interior designers.

This spring, one of the dominant trends in interior decoration is the use of pastel colors. With their romantic gentle and nostalgic texture give another dimension in decoration. Dusty pink is a really high-trend hue. Give character to your place with a velvet sofa of this hue. This will combine the sense of "old" with modern.

Don’t forget that golden details give a luxury note. Gold gives an ultra chic dimension to interior decoration. Decorative items, mirrors, candlesticks with golden elements are the absolute must-have to give an aristocratic touch to your place.

The mirror is a unique object of luxury that someone could put in his living room. Prefer to place it near a window so that it further radiates natural light to the rest of the room. Don’t forget that a mirror make your living room look bigger! Choose one with gold details and give a so stylish touch to your room.

Place a small coffee table in golden tint to give shine. Metal surfaces or metal objects will offer a glamorous touch to your space. The shine of the metal gives a sense of symmetry, and at the same time a sense of luxury. Be careful! Balance is the keyword! You will achieve this by placing 2-3 items, e.g. jars, of different heights and dimensions.

Spring means flowers. Although the various prints and patterns have their honor all year round, every Spring we have Floral attack! One of our suggestions is the floral wallpaper. Floral touches will add extra freshness to your space. If you want something less intense you can choose wallpaper in light colors and only on one wall.

Your personal touches will give the picture you want your home to have. Combine 2-3 tips we've mentioned above and create a room that will totally revive you! Make your space cooler and lighter, giving it a sense of spring freedom!

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