July’s inspiration: African empire

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July is here at last, transporting even more of our moments outside. Our balconies, terraces and gardens embrace our moments alone or with friends with a unique essence only summer can give. So, if you have not already created the perfect space to spend the days, evenings and nights of July, inart’s designers have a new suggestion that will definitely excite you! Inspired by Africa, the last frontier of wilderness, inart’s team brings together a look that is impressive, cozy and chic at the same time. Explore it, together with the key furniture to recreate at home, below.

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Statement armchair - The epitome of style in your living room

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Do you want to refresh your living room? For sure, it needs a piece of furniture that will "steal" the impressions only with its presence. A statement armchair can completely change the decor, giving it a special touch.

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Summer living… outdoors!

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Sunny weather can only mean one thing. Summer is here! Finally, we can spend time outdoors at the balcony or garden. Inart’ s “Summer Vibes” collection will inspire you to create a cozy and warm space that you will enjoy with your friends and family. Take a closer look at our decoration proposal below and find out how to style your outdoor space.


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Exhibition Invitation "Winter Collection 2019-2020"

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We are pleased to announce the Winter Collection 2019-2020 Exhibition, that will take place at our showroom in Kalohori, Thessaloniki, from Friday 21st of June until Monday 1st of July 2019.

We invite you to honor us with your presence.

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Give lofty character to your space: Industrial style and urban mood!

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The industrial or loft style is not only used in professional and business spaces, as it is now easy to adopt it in your personal space. It is the ultimate trend in interior decoration! Lofty style is still ... in style!

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