May’s Inspiration: Romantic white - outdoor elegance by inart

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May is here at last, bringing us a warmer weather and -hopefully- long sunny days. Because if the weather allows it, the outdoor living begins, with most of our special and everyday moments taking place at the balcony or the garden. Inart’s designers and decorators, inspired by the beautiful blooming nature of the last month of spring, have created and present to you a unique look for your outdoor décor, dedicated to romantic white. Explore the key pieces you need to recreate it at home, below.

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Bring spring to your home with luxurious touches!

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Basic elements of Spring are the renewal and joyous mood! It creates us a need for more light, liveliness &b colors. So what better to bring all this wonderful feeling to our personal space!


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Bedroom: Chic as black, glam as gold!

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It’s your personal space, your retreat. You want it stylish and full of positive emotions. Let’s turn your bedroom into the most special place in your home!

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inart at Entersoft Business Conference 2019

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On April 4th, Entersoft Business Conference 2019 took place at Thessaloniki Concert Hall.

Over 400 executives and members of the business society were present on the discussion about the practices of digital transformation.

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April's inspiration: Green Spring

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April at last. The second month of spring continues to boost our positivity levels with its colourful, blooming nature. Inart’s designers and decorators are immensely inspired by the bright green all around them, while staying in tune with the season’s trends: the gold details appearing in every room, together with a strong “country” feeling. Explore more about the “Green Spring” décor look inspired by April, below.

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