Mexican style: The ultimate design trend!

Mar 27 ,2019 - Pubslished In Tips - 0 Comment

Mexico! Our mind goes on (apart from food) special aesthetics, the colorful, joyful and relaxed mood. It is no accident that in 2010 the Mexicans have emerged as the happiest people on the world!

Is it time to give a touch of self-esteem and optimism in your space?

Viva México with vivid, intense colors, ethnic motifs, andbold decorative touches!

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Romantic country: a lovely look for Spring!

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Romantic country décor is perfect for Spring because it combines light colours and eclectic furniture while reflecting a feeling of coziness. You do not need to invest on expensive pieces of furniture and décor items, you just need to choose wisely concerning the patterns, the colours and the shapes you go for. Read more below.

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March’s inspiration: Spring reflections

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The first month of Spring always carries a positive mindset. The sun makes its appearance more often, the light is brighter and the sky… more blue! It is the perfect chance to change our home décor, with lighter colours and adopt the essence we have been loving all season: glam velvet.

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