August’s inspiration is: the Greek summer!

Jul 26 ,2018 - Pubslished In MONTH'S INSPIRATION - 0 Comment

Vacationing in the Aegean islands? Lucky you! The bright sun, the clear sky, the golden sand and the emerald sea create a totally relaxing mood we love to enjoy all year round. Keep in touch with the summery vibe of the Greek islands by transforming your home décor or your hotel with inart’s new collection of bamboo furniture and décor items. Take a glimpse below.

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Terracota-love: a room like no other!

Dec 07 ,2018 - Pubslished In TRENDS - 0 Comment

Can you imagine a smart selection of furniture placed in a room with terracotta-coloured walls? Well, inart’s designers have… and the result is more than impressive. It is simply stunning and an extraordinary idea for a summer room! Furthermore, it is a very easy to recreate look, by yourself, at home! Just follow the simple steps below.

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