Month’s inspiration: May’s modern ethnic style

Apr 27 ,2018 - Pubslished In MONTH'S INSPIRATION - 0 Comment

May, as the last month of spring, is dedicated in making us feel cozy and relaxed. Inart’s designers and decorators, have created the perfect look for your home with a unique “modern ethnic” feel that mixes harmonically boho and industrial styles. Read below to recreate it at your space.

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Inart furniture: AirBnB solutions for a Premium Loft!

Apr 19 ,2018 - Pubslished In Tips - 0 Comment

Inart’s furniture are an exceptional choice when you want to create a modern AirBnB space. This month inart’s designers and decorators have created a unique décor suggestion for a premium loft that will truly be valued by its guests. Read more below.

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Furniture Catalogue 2018: Just arrived!

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Furniture you will love to own! That’s what our new catalogue for 2018 is all about.

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