Month’s inspiration: March into spring style!

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March’s beautiful gift to our home is a sweet and charming décor. Embrace the arrival of spring by selecting elegant pieces of furniture and mixing them together in order to form a fresh, joyful and chic result. View inart’s March proposal below.

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inart had a dynamic presence in "Ambiente Frankfurt" showcasing the new "Spring - Summer 2018" collection. 

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New décor trend: feathers!

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Past seasons have seen flower patterns conquer the décor world. It seems though that a new inspiration has appeared to win the taste of contemporary designers and decorators all around the world. The new idea that will truly transform our home and working spaces comes in the form of… feathers! Their addition to a big or small room, gives a sense of tranquility, calmness and new, cool elegance. Discover below how to add them to your room to accomplish the perfect result.

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inart at “ne33 ThinkTank Thessaloniki 2018”

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Cross-border eCommerce was the main topic of the "ne33 ThinkTank Thessaloniki 2018" event which took place at the Mediterranean Palace Hotel, on February 7th, in Thessaloniki Greece.

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inart at "Ambiente 2018" in Frankfurt

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Like every year, inart will participate in "Ambiente 2018" Frankfurt-Germany, from 9th until 13th of February 2018.

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Month’s inspiration: The world at your home!

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Travelling to faraway lands and countries is a huge inspiration for inart’s designers. Different cultures, habits and traditions become the ultimate source of inspiration for unique pieces of art and furniture. Décor-wise the key is to piece together items inspired by different cultures around the world, thus bringing together a mix of styles and essences to your home. This way your space becomes truly unique and an inspiration to others.

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