November’s inspiration: Classic chic dining room

Oct 30 ,2018 - Pubslished In MONTH'S INSPIRATION - 0 Comment

For the last month of fall, inart’s decorators have created a truly timeless décor suggestion for your home: Classic chic. Yet, how do we define pieces of furniture as “classic” and “chic” without creating a result that seems dated? We combine harmonically materials, design styles and colours that magically form your dining room into the most popular spot in your home, for years to come. Discover how to recreate the “Classic chic” dining room, below.

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Velvet jungle: a roar of style

Oct 25 ,2018 - Pubslished In TRENDS - 0 Comment

Velvet is the ultimate trend of the season. But how do we truly do justice to this luxurious material? It’s simple. We create a décor look that differentiates from the usual. And this means to create a look that dares to use the velvet trend in a bold and stand-out form. This month inart’s designers create for you the “Velvet jungle” look, presenting velvet furniture in bold colours and surrounding them with items featuring exotic designs, making us feel we are exploring the jungle! Discover how to recreate at home, below.

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