Month's inspiration: Shabby chic

Jul 31 ,2017 - Pubslished In MONTH'S INSPIRATION - 0 Comment

Love furniture with an antique appearance? A decor look that mixes furniture that seem to have aged with soft, cottage-style essence? If yes, shabby chic is the word you are searching for this decor style. At inart we have created a beautiful shabby chic look that you can create easily, selecting key furniture and decorative inart pieces. Read more below.

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Inart lightings: 4 collections you will love

Dec 07 ,2017 - Pubslished In Tips - 0 Comment

Light is key when decorating your home. Not only they can create a soft or vibrant result, they can also -via their design- showcase the character of your space. You can match their style to your furniture or create a contrasting result by mixing different styles between the lightings and the furniture. Discover our 4 beautiful collections below.

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