Month’s inspiration: Romantic furniture

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Inart’s furniture proposals for March cannot but be romantic. It is the beginning of Spring after all. The days become bigger, the light lasts longer, the flowers are blooming. It is the perfect month to redecorate your home with a romantic touch. We guarantee you –you will love the result!

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Ethnic style: furniture choices inspired by art

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We are passionate about creating furniture that transform rooms into impressive spaces you love to live in. To do that we are constantly inspired by wonderful pieces of art of famous painters. This month, Henri Rousseau, was the visual inspiration behind inart’s “ethnic” décor proposal, due to its depth of colours and love for nature. Discover the key furniture pieces to below.


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inart exhibitions Spring-Summer 2017

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inart had a dynamic presence in the first two months of 2017, showcasing its renewed collection in Greece and Europe!
"MOSTRA ROTA & GIFTSHOW, Athens - Greece | HOMI, Milan - Italy | Ambiente, Frankfurt - Germany".

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Furniture catalogue 2017: Just arrived!

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Furniture you will love to own! That’s what our new catalogue for 2017 is all about. Unique proposals that create spaces -for the living room, the bedroom and the kitchen- full of emotions: warmth, happiness, love.

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