Month’s inspiration: Winter loves Pink Gold!

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Pink Gold is the latest, hotter than hot trend of the season! inart’s designers have created a perfect winter look emphasizing on pretty pink and gold hues, on furniture adoring geometrical shapes such as the impressive “diamond table”, and soft, warm, luxurious textures -such as velvet- on everything! Explore a gorgeous winter look for your living room below.

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DIY your Xmas Chocolate pie!

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Create an extra delicious and sweet recipe for your guests! Try out our easy chocolate pie recipe and present it to your guests on a table or commode decorated with impressive  Xmas items by inart! 


2 Puff pastries

Hazelnut praline



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Month’s inspiration: Ho-ho-holiday spirit!

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Santa is coming to town at last! But before he arrives we create the perfect festive décor at home to welcome him in a special way. Inart’s designers have created the perfect Xmas décor proposal that you can recreate easily by adding a few key items and furniture in your living room, by your Christmas tree. Read below to explore the ideas. 

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Month’s inspiration: Gold 70s

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The golden era of the 70s is our inspiration for the month of November. But how can we create a home décor inspired by this glorious time of the past that does not look dated, yet becomes timeless instead? Inart’s designers present a totally refreshing décor proposal that will transform your space instantly. Read below to explore the key pieces you need to own in order to recreate the look at home.

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Month’s inspiration: Cool loft

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To say lofts are beautiful spaces is an understatement. The impressive open space allows extra light inside bringing more life to your surroundings. Yet lofts remain a challenge, demanding a careful selection of furniture in order to achieve a certain look. View our decorators’ proposal on how to accomplish the industrial style to your loft below.

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Brochure Fall Winter 2017-2018

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The new furniture catalogue 2017-2018 is inspired by one main notion -return to where everything begins and ends- your home! The new collection presents furniture made of strong materials in simple yet sophisticated lines that create a unique atmosphere of love, calmness, color and a little bit of… magic!


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Month’s inspiration: Country style

Aug 31 ,2017 - Pubslished In MONTH'S INSPIRATION - 0 Comment

Well, hello September! The first month of autumn is all about change and new beginnings and what a better way to start the new season than transforming your home? The country style we propose this month is all about mixing old and new furniture, combining wood and metal, in order to create a warm, welcoming yet fresh space. Discover how to create it below.

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