Month’s inspiration October – The perfect drive: a corner for auto lovers

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inart is all about being unique. We think unique ideas and we create unique furniture having in mind the unique people that will select them: you! To create a distinctive room or corner you simply need to select items that you feel comfortable with, that make you happy and that they showcase things you love being around. That is –for many of you- the experience of driving! So, passionate drivers, inart’s inspiration for October is dedicated to you. Read more on how to create the perfect auto lovers’ corner.

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inart exhibitions September 2016

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inart had a dynamic presence in September 2016, showcasing its renewed collection in Greece and Italy!
"MOSTRA ROTA & GIFTSHOW | Athens - Greece" & "HOMI | Milan - Italy"

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View our latest brochure Fall-Winter 2016 online!

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Our latest brochure, "Fall - Winter 2016" is now available online! 

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DIY: Geometric shapes on your wall

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You loved so much our last article on decorating your home with geometrical patterns that we think it is the right time to show you some DIY by painting a diamond accent wall. It may seem difficult at first, but trust us, it is very easy to do –no pros needed! Just follow our step-by-step guide below and start painting!

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Month’s inspiration September – Autumn spaces: furniture that love geometric shapes!

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Give your furniture and your favourite spaces in your home a modern essence, to start the first month of autumn… renewed! No need to spend much, neither to select lots of stuff. Just go for pieces with unusual patterns that stand out from the rest of your synthesis, such as items featuring geometric shapes –our favourite choice for September. Keep on reading to explore the beautiful additions we advise you on.

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