Month’s inspiration - July 2016 – Summer home: The furniture you can’t live without!

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One rule only applies to summer homes: they are as summery as their furniture. This means selecting items made of natural materials, inspired by the sealife, creating a relaxing, carefree atmosphere.  Read below our mini-guide to select the key pieces for your summer home.


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Wooden ladder décor: 5 fresh ideas for your home

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Unexpected. How else to describe the view of a wooden ladder in a living room. Its use for decorative purposes is a big surprise, to say the least, and the reason it has become the object to inspire the latest trend in decoration –because we all love brand-new, exciting ideas. Tips that make our home look modern and unique. And the wooden ladder does exactly that by being a surprise –such as when you find it in a bathroom! Yet when you do, one thing is clear about the home you are in: it is modern, and so are its owners.

If you love the wooden ladder décor as an idea for your home, read below the 5 cool ways we, at inart, suggest you to try-out first.

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Exhibition Autumn - Winter 2016-17

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inart is pleased to announce the new Autumn-Winter 2016-17 Exhibition, that will take place at our showroom in Kalohori, Thessaloniki,

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Month’s inspiration June – A chilled-out summer home!

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A smart selection of summer furniture is all you need to welcome a chilled-out vibe to your home. Light colours, furniture made of natural materials and simple designs in smart pieces shape a beautiful, carefree atmosphere you will love to come home to.

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