April's inspiration: Green Spring

Jan 04 ,2019 Writen By: inart

April at last. The second month of spring continues to boost our positivity levels with its colourful, blooming nature. Inart’s designers and decorators are immensely inspired by the bright green all around them, while staying in tune with the season’s trends: the gold details appearing in every room, together with a strong “country” feeling. Explore more about the “Green Spring” décor look inspired by April, below.


Lunch with nature

The colour of grass mixes with a bright white and the palette of beige to host a beautiful lunch experience. A vivid pattern of leaves is attracting attention, with the “country style” table and matching chairs beautifully softening the room’s essence.



A window to luxury

So what about the side pieces? Luxury makes its appearance via gold details and furniture elegantly designed. A gold circle base for a side table, a wall painting with golden finish and a chic floor lamp, create a corner that adds quality to the grass green background.



The center of attention

When a room is inspired by nature, wood always makes its appearance –and a strong one. We suggest you select a wooden coffee table to place in front of the sofa. This way you add a touch of warmth, coziness and “solidness” to the otherwise more cheery and airy effect given of the vivid wallpaper and the grass green colour on the walls. As for the couch, simplicity in white is the ideal choice to keep the balance in the room.

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