Welcome to the magical world of inart ...

The demanding, modern lifestyle has made our home our personal shelter. It is the center of our world, the place where we relax and the meeting point with our loved ones. Inart, with thousands of beautiful objects and unique decoration proposals promises to transform your house into your personal kingdom. Since 1985 the company maintains a strong presence in the fields of interior and exterior decoration with activity both in Greece and in 42 foreign countries.



We, at inart are constantly searching for the latest trends in the field of decoration and with our experienced designer team we create new innovative proposals and solutions based on quality and incomparable design, in order to always satisfy your needs and desires. Every season our collection is radically renewed and enriched with fresh decorating ideas that please even the most demanding! Our philosophy is summarized as follows:

  • Excellent knowledge of the market
  • Focus and respect on the needs and demands of the client
  • Designing objects based on excellent aesthetic and flexibility in use
  • Flexible design

inart aims to upgrade your personal space in the most beautiful way, by adding unique color and style!