Decorative Basket Set Of 3 Pieces

Product Code: 3-70-669-0021
Wooden decorative basket
with metallic details, in brown
color. Set of 3 pieces.

Additional Information

Colors Brown
Material Synthetic/POLYESTER
Material Iron
Material Birch

Availability 1-30 Days
Available From Dec 6, 2016
Dims. Item No1 50x32x22
Dims. Item No2 41x26x21
Dims. Item No3 38x20x20
English Title WEB Decorative Basket Set Of 3 Pie
Greek Title WEB Καλάθι Διακοσμητικό Σετ 3 Τεμα
Product Code 3-70-669-0021
Αρ.Inner σε Master 4
Αρ.Τεμ/Inner 1
Αρ.Τεμ/Master 4