Wooden Lantern Set Of 2 Pieces

Product Code: 3-70-906-0015
Set of two lanterns in grey
made out of metal and wood.

Additional Information

Colors Natural-Beige, Grey
Dimensions (LWH) 28cm x 28cm x 28cm
Material Glass
Material Inox
Material Fir

Availability 1-30 Days
Available From Nov 4, 2016
Dims. Item No1 28X28X72
Dims. Item No2 20X20X47
English Title WEB Wooden Lantern Set Of 2 Pieces
Greek Title WEB Φανάρι Ξύλινο Σετ 2 Τεμαχίων
Lenght pckg PCS (cm) 72
Product Code 3-70-906-0015
Αρ.Inner σε Master 1
Αρ.Τεμ/Inner 1
Αρ.Τεμ/Master 1