Coffee Cup Set Of 6 Pieces

Product Code: 3-60-931-0104
Porcelain coffee mug
in white color, and metallic
stand. Set of 6 pieces.

Additional Information

Colors White-Ivory
Dimensions (LWH) N/A ...
Material Porcelain
Material Iron

Availability 1-30 Days
Available From Nov 4, 2016
Capacity (ml) (Household) 90
English Title WEB Coffee Cup Set Of 6 Pieces
Greek Title WEB Φλιτζάνι Του Καφέ Σετ 6 Τεμαχί
Product Code 3-60-931-0104
Set Dimensions (Household) 13χ13χ30 / 4χ(8χ6χ6)
Washing Instructions (Household) ΝΑΙ
Αρ.Inner σε Master 8
Αρ.Τεμ/Inner 1
Αρ.Τεμ/Master 8