Decorative Tray Set Of 3 Pieces

Product Code: 3-70-913-0036
Metallic tray with wooden details,
in white color. A practical item for
your household. Set of 3 pieces.

Additional Information

Colors White-Ivory
Material Glass
Material Iron

Availability By agreement
Available From No
Dims. Item No1 43χ43χ10
Dims. Item No2 34χ34χ8
Dims. Item No3 30χ30χ6
English Title WEB Decorative Tray Set Of 3 Piece
Greek Title WEB Δίσκος Διακοσμητικός Σετ 3 Τεμ
Product Code 3-70-913-0036
Αρ.Inner σε Master 6
Αρ.Τεμ/Inner 1
Αρ.Τεμ/Master 6