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Apr 28 ,2017 Writen By: inart

The ultimate seasonal trend in furniture and décor is non-other than green hues and beautiful prints straight out of tropical islands and exotic forests. You can recreate the look by selecting supporting furniture in key-colours that will totally transform your space, making you feel like you are vacationing to the island of your dreams.

The comeback of green


The comeback of green

Everybody agrees –from celebrity interior designers to furniture experts and home-fashion bloggers that green is the colour to go for this season both on furniture and wall-art. To create the best result do not just go for just one single green hue, since it might turn out to be somewhat less creative and even boring to look at. Instead go for a number of colours that the green palette offers, for example candle holders and lanterns in emerald, couch pillows in lime and glasses in dark green.


Tropical patterns

Tropical patterns

Prints inspired by the wild forests and unexplored lands of tropical islands are the strongest trend on wallpapers and décor fabrics. Patterns featuring leaves, trees and birds can decorate all furniture with pillow cases, tablecloths and all kinds of wall art. The same rule as before applies here too: go for lots of different prints instead of one single pattern everywhere, in order create a fresh and unique result.

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