Month’s inspiration - April: New boho style

Mar 31 ,2017 Writen By: inart

New boho style is the perfect choice for a home renewal in spring. It combines a tropical touch with classic boho furniture, in a scenery that somehow brings together the essence of nature, adores light green hues and adds a bit of the Mexican deco coolness. How is all that possible? To find out the answer, take a look on our approach below and recreate easily the new boho style at your home.


Key furniture: the sofa

The most important piece of furniture in the living room, the sofa, introduces us to the new boho style by showcasing a casual design, one that oozes a feeling of relaxation, via its non-formal grey colour and the details on its edges: they seem undone, adding to the “casual” vibe of the couch.


Supporting furniture: coffee tables and commodes

The furniture around the sofa are also key to recreate the new boho style. In order to achieve the essence of relaxation, the coffee tables are made of natural materials such as wood and in simple yet sweet designs that add calmness and serenity to the surroundings. The commode, also made of wood, with fine details in front and the open shelves presenting few decorative pieces, add to the freeness you feel when you are close to nature or in a forest! Last but not least, wall art gives its places to fabric pieces in boho patterns accentuating the whole look.


The lights

Love for nature means simplicity and the charm of light flourishing inside your room. The lamps hanging from the ceiling are free to shed their light on your furniture –the simple steel-made creation around the bulb acts just as a modern addition to the new boho style that works by bringing together lots of different décor looks.





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