Month's inspiration: Shabby chic

Jul 31 ,2017 Writen By: inart

Love furniture with an antique appearance? A decor look that mixes furniture that seem to have aged with soft, cottage-style essence? If yes, shabby chic is the word you are searching for this decor style. At inart we have created a beautiful shabby chic look that you can create easily, selecting key furniture and decorative inart pieces. Read more below.


The desk

Furniture made of wood is key in order to create a shabby chic decor. The beautiful inart desk we suggest as a center piece is made of wood on its surface with its legs painted in white -in order for a softer addition to the whole look.

The commode

Supportive furniture should also look aged, like the commode pictured below. Metallic details are mixed with wood in order to create a result that is both romantic and easily matched with other pieces of furniture.

inart-The deskChair

The softer side of shabby chic is introduced with carefully selected chairs in white and with pillows created in soft fabrics, that truly invite you to relax on -an important addition that helps the whole cottage-style unveil all around you.

Vases and candle holders

Supportive pieces of furniture and decorative items are also key when trying to create the shabby chic look. They should be in earthly colours and made of materials that remind us of nature, making us feel we are living in the past.

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