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Sep 29 ,2017 Writen By: inart

To say lofts are beautiful spaces is an understatement. The impressive open space allows extra light inside bringing more life to your surroundings. Yet lofts remain a challenge, demanding a careful selection of furniture in order to achieve a certain look. View our decorators’ proposal on how to accomplish the industrial style to your loft below.

the materials

Furniture: the materials

Nature and technology should be combined perfectly concerning the furniture you choose in order to achieve the feeling of “industrial” in your space. Wood and metal, with the addition of glass as a detail, is the choice to go for in tables, chairs and libraries.

the design

Furniture: the design

A mix of classic and modern. Clean, modern lines mix with traditional texture in order to create an essence bringing harmonically opposite styles together. Nothing over the top or too complicated should steal the limelight. Instead, each furniture’s design should add simplicity to the room, not extravaganza.

Furniture: the colours

Go for furniture in earthly tones. Brown, cream, the colour of wood, even soft gray, when mixed together create a palette that maximizes the feeling of free space and casualness we want to achieve. Add colour only via the details such as light blue pillows on the sofa, or even stronger hues such as black on vases placed on your coffee table.

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