Ethnic style: furniture choices inspired by art

Feb 23 ,2017 Writen By: inart

We are passionate about creating furniture that transform rooms into impressive spaces you love to live in. To do that we are constantly inspired by wonderful pieces of art of famous painters. This month, Henri Rousseau, was the visual inspiration behind inart’s “ethnic” décor proposal, due to its depth of colours and love for nature. Discover the key furniture pieces to below.


Furniture: sitting options

The furniture that unveil an ethnic essence, always appear really carefree and made simply. Thus, instead of chairs, a beautiful stool made of natural materials such as wood and ropes in a boho pattern, fits the look perfectly.


Furniture: showcases

Simplicity rules when selecting all furniture for this look. Even the showcases. Instead of the classic, luxurious ones that hide the objects in cupboards, go for a choice a bit simpler: open shelves made of wood in a mix of light and dark colours that seems closer to nature. Boho candle holders on the shelves add a beautiful last touch.


Furniture: screens

This is a furniture choice you truly should invest on. The screen, made of bamboo or other natural materials, totally manages to bring an essence of nature inside your home, transforming completely the corner you are about to place it.

arround the furniture

Around the furniture:

When inspired by natured, one needs to embrace it in real life too. Thus, placing a few plants near the showcase or the screen, will really make the room stand out and “breath”.

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