Party time: fun décor tips for all!

Mar 08 ,2017 - Pubslished In Tips - 0 Comment

Ready to host the most memorable, fun party ever? At inart we can help you create a beautiful and super fun décor that will excite your friends and their kids too! Read below about the key furniture and decorative pieces that will transform your garden into… a world of fun!

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Month's inspiration: Shabby chic

Jul 31 ,2017 - Pubslished In MONTH'S INSPIRATION - 0 Comment

Love furniture with an antique appearance? A decor look that mixes furniture that seem to have aged with soft, cottage-style essence? If yes, shabby chic is the word you are searching for this decor style. At inart we have created a beautiful shabby chic look that you can create easily, selecting key furniture and decorative inart pieces. Read more below.

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Inart lighting: 4 collections you will love

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Light is key when decorating your home. Not only they can create a soft or vibrant result, they can also -via their design- showcase the character of your space. You can match their style to your furniture or create a contrasting result by mixing different styles between the lights and the furniture. Discover our 4 beautiful collections below.

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Month's inspiration: Mexican spirit

Jun 30 ,2017 - Pubslished In MONTH'S INSPIRATION - 0 Comment

This season, summer decor in furniture and design is all about tropical and boho. Inart's team of designers creates a strong decor result by combining the two, transforming totally your space!  Scroll down to discover how we created the "Mexican spirit" look and read about the key furniture you need to own in order to recreate it at your place.

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Catalogue "Lighting - Mirrors 2017"

Jun 20 ,2017 - Pubslished In CATALOGUES - 0 Comment

Our new catalogue "Lighting - Mirrors 2017" is available online!

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Exhibition Fall - Winter 2017

Jun 16 ,2017 - Pubslished In NEWS - 0 Comment

inart is pleased to announce the new "Fall/Winter 2017 Exhibition", that will take place at our showroom in Kalohori, Thessaloniki, from Friday 23th of June until Monday 3rd of July2017 at Thessaloniki.

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Wedding table: pure romance!

Jun 13 ,2017 - Pubslished In Tips - 0 Comment

You have always dreamed of your special day in the most beautiful scenery: romantic furniture, bright white colour everywhere, beautiful details adding that extra something to the pictures you will be admiring years later. Having all this in mind the inart team has created a gorgeous and elegant wedding table decor -selecting key furniture and decorative items- that you can easily recreate for your wedding day. Explore the look below.

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