Month’s inspiration: Cool loft

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To say lofts are beautiful spaces is an understatement. The impressive open space allows extra light inside bringing more life to your surroundings. Yet lofts remain a challenge, demanding a careful selection of furniture in order to achieve a certain look. View our decorators’ proposal on how to accomplish the industrial style to your loft below.

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Brochure Fall Winter 2017-2018

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The new furniture catalogue 2017-2018 is inspired by one main notion -return to where everything begins and ends- your home! The new collection presents furniture made of strong materials in simple yet sophisticated lines that create a unique atmosphere of love, calmness, color and a little bit of… magic!


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Month’s inspiration September - Country style

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Well, hello September! The first month of autumn is all about change and new beginnings and what a better way to start the new season than transforming your home? The country style we propose this month is all about mixing old and new furniture, combining wood and metal, in order to create a warm, welcoming yet fresh space. Discover how to create it below.

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inart at HOMI-2017 in Milano!

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Like every year, inart will participate in "Homi" Milano-Italy, from 15th until 18th of September 2017, 9:30am to 18:30pm in FIERA MILANE RHO - Strada Statale del Sempione, 28 - 20017 Rho.

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Like every year, this year, inart will be at the "Mostra Rota & Gift Show"

between 29th of September and 2th of October 10:00pm to 20:00pm Exhibition Centre Metropolitan Expo, International Airport El. Venizelos.


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Party time: fun décor tips for all!

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Ready to host the most memorable, fun party ever? At inart we can help you create a beautiful and super fun décor that will excite your friends and their kids too! Read below about the key furniture and decorative pieces that will transform your garden into… a world of fun!

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Month's inspiration: Shabby chic

Jul 31 ,2017 - Pubslished In MONTH'S INSPIRATION - 0 Comment

Love furniture with an antique appearance? A decor look that mixes furniture that seem to have aged with soft, cottage-style essence? If yes, shabby chic is the word you are searching for this decor style. At inart we have created a beautiful shabby chic look that you can create easily, selecting key furniture and decorative inart pieces. Read more below.

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