Decorative Cushion Cover

Product Code: 3-40-104-0112
Throw pillow with logo 'Beautiful'
in creme color. Perfect for decoration.
The filling is included to the cushion.(400 gsm)

Additional Information

Colors White-Ivory
Dimensions (LWH) 45cm x 4cm x 45cm
Material Synthetic/POLYESTER

Availability 1-30 Days
Available From Jan 29, 2017
Composition (Textiles) 100% Synthetic
English Title WEB Decorative Cushion Cover
Greek Title WEB Μαξιλάρι Διακοσμητικό
Product Code 3-40-104-0112
Removable Stuffing (Textiles) ΝΑΙ
Stuffing (Textiles) ΝΑΙ
Stuffing Composition (Textiles) Polyfoam
Αρ.Inner σε Master 12
Αρ.Τεμ/Inner 1
Αρ.Τεμ/Master 12